How to Structure A 6-7 figure Viral Marketing launch For your purpose-driven brand.

... Even if you don't love marketing, and technology makes you want to pull your hair out.

As CEO of Viral Purpose Media, for the last 4 years Joe has been helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world to launch purpose-driven brands through a process called Inspiration Marketing. Joe is a partner in a health/wealth/wisdom television network called More U which is on pace to reach 150 million+ devices by 2022, helps Executive Produce conscious media projects that support the visibility of regenerative brands, and is an impact investor who helps to structure deals for $1M+ regenerative development projects to purpose-driven investors.

How Do you

Profitably launch your purpose

While Following Your highest excitement?

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

As an entrepreneur, you're so committed to following your dreams that the thought of a 9-5 job sounds like prison to you.

You got into the business you run today primarily because you felt a calling to follow your purpose.

And even though your ultimate vision is huge (as it should be)...

You've come a long way, established a network you're proud of, and have provided some amazing results for your clients you've served thus far.

You've established an income that sustains you,

But there's just one big problem...

You're Stuck In The Services Trap, where you Get To Choose Only 2 of the following:

1) Attract New Clients

2) Serve the clients you already have, OR

3) Have a fulfilling personal life

You watch inspiring videos from huge personal brands online, dreaming of one day reaching that kind of audience...

But you have no idea how to start.

So now you're chasing what I call the digital dream...

"If I could just somehow get more eyeballs on my brand, I'd make tons more money and my problems would go away"

So in pursuit of the digital dream, you...
  • Spend hours creating social media content that brings you few, if any, new clients
  • Waste money on Facebook ads that don't work
  • ​Pay for Instagram shoutouts for followers
  • ​Hire outreach services to get more followers
  • ​Pay for marketing softwares you don't use, and of course...
  • ​Pray that your content gets noticed in the ever-changing algorithms
Inevitably all of the above lead to wasting either hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars, or worse...

Lead to you doubting that you have what it takes to realize your dream to impact potentially millions of people around the world with your purpose.

Due to your lack of traction online, have you ever thought to yourself:

"What if I'm really not good / smart / talented / driven / funded enough to Live My Dreams?"

I know I have.

My name is Joe McVeen, and back in early 2018, I was a Purpose Coach who had no clue how to reach more people online.

I was helping my clients 1:1 and getting them great results as they transitioned out of 9-5 jobs, believed in themselves, got clarity on their direction in life and followed their purpose full time...

But I had no real client acquisition strategy, so I would just spend hours crafting the "perfect post" on my personal Facebook or Instagram profile to my limited following, with unpredictable results.

I avoided systematizing my business because I thought it would be too complicated, and distract me too much from the giving of my true gifts.

So instead of learning the skills, building the team and support network I'd need to move my mission forward, master digital marketing, and reaching the people that needed me...

I let my business stay stuck at a glass ceiling dictated by Facebook's finicky algorithms, while less and less people were seeing my organic posts.

The stagnation in my brand's momentum caused me to feel like a failure, and my passion for my mission began to wane.

So although I was able to travel around the world to some of the most beautiful places because I worked online...

Behind the scenes, I wasn't actually enjoying my life much because I was addicted to caffeine and spent all day on my laptop working a flawed system that made me wake up in anxious, survival mode every morning.

Then one day I decided that I was tired of relying on hope to grow my business.

I decided that it was time to dive headfirst into the digital marketing skills I was missing

I spent thousands of dollars on courses, and hundreds of extra hours on YouTube learning how to generate leads online, structure and sell an online program.

I then used that knowledge to package the process I used to serve my 1:1 clients into a course.

I was scared shitless when I was ready to launch it...

But I swallowed hard, pressed send on the email, and then went to a mastermind retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica for 7 days to hide.

On our last day when I got wifi again, I checked my phone on the beach pictured below, in Punta Mona, Costa Rica, next to my girlfriend Kelly, to find that I had made a sale!!!
My jaw dropped as I started to process what this could mean for the future of my brand.

Over the next few days, two more people bought.

Messages started to come in from people who were so grateful for all of the content that was helping them step into their confidence and live their purpose in a more powerful way.

Some people even said I changed their life.

Over the next week, without any adspend, the course pulled in about $3000. 

It wasn't a life-changing amount of money by any stretch...

But the fact that I had just earned $3000 while playing in a jungle paradise was a life-changing paradigm shift.

I next created a $222/month paid membership group which started attracting customers almost immediately, and completely removed my pressure to work with 1:1 clients in order to pay rent or travel. 

The amount of peace of mind I immediately felt from the LEVERAGE I had created for myself was LIBERATING.
From that moment, I was completely sold on the power of digital marketing systems to leverage purpose. 

I had to learn everything about launching and growing online businesses...

So I started my own digital marketing agency, called Viral Purpose Media to attain mastery.

Moving from advice I learned from Elon Musk's biography, I interviewed and hired the most experienced viral marketing experts I could find, to teach me while I employed them to serve our clients through my brand.

As the months went on and more and more ads and viral videos went live...

I gained a wealth of wisdom in...
  • Email Marketing
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​Tracking Pixels
  • ​Website Design
  • ​Sales Funnels
  • ​Sales Videos
  • ​Sales Copy
  • ​Viral Videos
  • ​Documentaries
  • ​Value Ladders
  • ​LinkedIn
  • ​Marketing Softwares
  • ​Influencer Marketing
  • ​Videography
  • ​Landing Page Conversions
  • ​Instagram Organic Growth
  • ​Webinars
  • ​Online Courses
  • ​Membership Groups
  • ​YouTube Growth Strategies, 
  • ​And more...
It all began to make sense to me.

I was by no stretch an EXPERT in every single detail of those items above...

But I knew enough to know how and when they should be used, how to hire someone for the task, and how to assemble the strategy of them all together for my clients' brands.

Soon I was structuring launches for brands ranging from $250k annual revenue to $20M annual revenue, from personal brands to e-commerce, designing launch plans to help them carry their offering past 7 figures.

But our engagements at Viral Purpose Media start at $100k to manage a complete viral launch over a 6-month launch horizon...

And I kept having conversations with my friends who were stuck in the service trap, spending their time chasing the digital dream, who couldn't afford to hire an agency.

So we created the Viral Purpose Accelerator™ To Offer A More Affordable, Massive Shortcut For Entrepreneurs who aren't yet ready to Invest $100K+ to Hire our agency to systematize and Launch their brands.

I don't want you to have to spend as much time, energy, inner peace and money as I did to feel the time, financial, and geographic freedom that a systematized online business provides.

So I packaged all of my knowledge into the system provided in the Viral Purpose Accelerator™ to accelerate you on your journey to...

Let Your Purpose 
go viral

Viral Purpose Accelerator

Within This 4-Week Virtual Program, You Will Learn To:


​Get expert training on how to communicate with fully-expressed confidence, charisma, and compelling ease in your inspirational videos, and high-converting sales videos


​Deeply align to your core purpose, and free your schedule of all activities that are not serving you and your business's growth


Map out which products, services and price points you should be offering your ideal client to create the most valuable and authentic customer journey possible


Understand which softwares and social media sites you should be leveraging to successfully reach and grow your customer base


Feel a massive boost in creativity and confidence as you elevate beyond being the doer deeply involved in every single element of your marketing process.


​Plan out the team you should be building to properly launch and scale your brand, with vetted recommendations.  Stand as the CEO of your vision, delegating the tasks that aren't in your highest excitement


​Authentically ​increase your sales page and landing page conversion rates by understanding the psychology of online conversion


​Behind-the-scenes expert interviews teaching you insider knowledge on viral Facebook videos, cost-effective Facebook ads, millions of viewers on YouTube and Pinterest, and so much more


One-click download access to the masterclass funnel template I use to grow my email list and increase my sales page conversion rates.  Just swap my content for yours
Plus, A Special Bonus:


One-click download the exact funnel I'm using here to sell and deliver this course, as well as the masterclass funnel I use to grow my email list.  Feel free to use these formats to grow your email list, or host and sell your own course through it.  Just swap my content for yours.


If you are in business because of a deep desire to serve and work towards the better world you envision, AND you want to grow the online component of your business, whether that's a membership, online course, physical product, etc, AND you care about the quality of your brand's feel and message more than manipulating people to make money online, then you are in the right place.


The Viral Purpose Accelerator is a 4-Week online course designed to help you set up the digital marketing systems to launch your brand to world-changing status by leveraging the power of authentic, compelling video.


If you follow the suggested flow and take every video lesson in order, the program is designed to take you 4 weeks.  But of course, you are welcome to go at whatever pace you prefer.  Fresh content, expert interviews, and recordings of live trainings will continue to be added to the program at no additional cost to you, since you'll have lifetime access with your purchase.
Course Content
(Lesson lengths listed next to each section)

​Week One - Internal Foundations of a Magnetic Brand

  • ​Leading With Your Art - 13:04
  • ​Becoming A Satisfied Magnet - 13:49
  • ​Daily Video Courage - 12:14
  • ​Connecting To Your Unshakable Purpose - 14:41
  • Expressing Yourself Fully On Video - 14:51
  • Crystal Clear Ideal Client Analysis - 18:33

Week Two - Creating Authentic Shareable Video

  • ​Ideal Listener Inception - 12:16
  • ​Unleashing The Power Of Storytelling - 30:21
  • ​4 Core Types Of Video Your Brand Will Need - 30:45
  • ​Critical Technology, Software and Tools for Efficiency - 14:23
  • ​Authentic Sales Video Mastery - 15:19

Week Three - Your Brand's Million-Dollar Growth Plan

  • Use Ikigai To Prioritize And Grow With Joy - 13:20
  • ​​Value Ladders, Upsells and Pricing Strategy - 32:25
  • ​Crafting Your Sales Funnel Strategy - 34:04
  • ​Authentic, High-Conversion Sales Pages - 1:33:34
  • Productizing Your Knowledge With Online Courses - 32:23
  • Email Marketing Essentials - 45:58

Week Four - Viral Traffic Strategies For Maximum Visibility

  • Generating 3.5 Million Monthly Viewers On Pinterest - 46:38
  • ​How Facebook Videos Go Viral With Influencer Marketing - 40:46
  • ​Expert Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategy - 41:48
  • ​Organic Instagram Growth Secrets - 50:56
  • ​Behind the Scenes of 1M Organic Views on YouTube - 35:41


Joe McVeen

Joe is CEO of the digital and television marketing agency Viral Purpose Media, which offers programs that help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and brands master the strategies that create ripples of impact and income online. Joe is a partner in a health/wealth/wisdom television network called More U which is on pace to reach 150 million devices by 2022, and helps Executive Produce conscious media projects that support the visibility of the regenerative brands which he and his partners impact invest into. Joe also helps to structure deals for $10M+ regenerative development projects to purpose-driven venture capitalists and investors.

Garrett Adkins

When Garrett was 16, he watched an inspirational video on social media that changed his life forever.  From then on, he dedicated his career to helping impact-driven individuals and businesses spread their unique stories and opportunities to the billions who are plugged in online.  

As founder of Impact Media, Garrett and his team specialize in making organic messages go viral through access to an influencer network of hundreds of millions of organic followers.  Impact Media has partnered with brands such as Vayner Media, Brendan Kane, and Mindvalley to proliferate meaningful messages online.

Marta Dvorakova, MBA

Growing up in the Czech Republic, Marta learned an incredible work ethic that soon lead to her directing large teams in corporate England.  However when she moved to Canada, she found a passion for Facebook ads and began mastering the art and science of paid advertising both on Facebook and Instagram.  

Having managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of adspend for clients ranging from personal brands to ecommerce, Marta is an expert at paid advertising and has a wealth of information to share about avoiding the most common mistakes.

Sami Syed

In high school, Sami saw an opportunity on Instagram greater than just posting selfies.  Out of curiosity he began flipping Instagram accounts by buying an account with less than 1000 followers, applying his science of rapidly growing the follower count to over 50,000, and selling it.  When his curiosity led him to Pinterest, he found one of the most overlooked and under-priced platforms to drive valuable traffic online today.  Within 1 year, Sami had generated over 3.5 million monthly visitors to a page he manages called Project Van Life.  Today that page sees 4.6 million monthly viewers, and Sami is one of the top authorities in the area of Pinterest growth hacking on the internet.

Gloria Merrick

When she left a lucrative career flipping houses in California, Gloria desired to use her renovation expertise to create spaces that helped make the world a better place.  Having remodeled her own Sprinter van, she found a passion and a niche for flipping vans.  Her passion quickly evolved into her a luxury van conversion company called Lavender Moon Spaces.  Gloria enjoyed sharing her passion for her work online, so she explored different headlines, thumbnails, and formats for her YouTube videos for 4 years until she struck gold when one of her videos went viral to over 1 million viewers in a month.  The attention quickly grew her business, and inside the Viral Purpose Accelerator she shares the exact formula for the video style that consistently does the best on YouTube.

Still Have A Question?

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  • ​Strategize Your Marketing To Structure Your Brand's 6-7 Figure Launch
  • ​Learn The Secrets Behind The Biggest Viral Video Launches On Facebook
  • ​​One-Click Import The Exact Funnels I Use To Grow My Email List & Deliver Profitable Online Courses
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Just in case your experience of the Viral Purpose Accelerator™ isn't what you hoped it would be, we've got your back.  Complete all modules and participate in the weekly coaching calls and if you still aren't satisfied after 30 days of implementation, send us an email to explaining why.  Our team will process your refund, and also will make sure that we improve the course in that area for future customers.
Joe can undoubtedly take you, and your business, to the next level...
ONE single call with Joe felt like taking a shot of energy, inspiration, and fuel all at once. It was pure soul food. I not only felt completely seen, heard, understood, supported, and encouraged during our talk, but also confident and courageous enough in myself to actually make moves in my business after we spoke that I previously felt incapable of acting on. 

The coolest thing about my experience with Joe was that it didn’t fade with time. The energy, knowledge, compassion, and high vibes he shared during that ONE conversation lit me up in a way that has changed my intention and approach as an entrepreneur forever. Through a thoughtful yet intuitive blend of appealing to your mind, your heart, and your soul, Joe’s presence and power can undoubtedly take you, and your business, to the next level. And then some.
Lisa Schlosberg
Holistic Health Coach, Speaker
"You are speaking directly to me and I’m loving how you are confirming how I can show up as who I authentically am. 

We started our new Camera Leadership program and everyone is loving it!"
Connie-Lee Bennett
CEO/Founder of Meraki Training Academy
"Thousands more dollars in my bank account thanks to Joe"
Lisa Schlosberg
Holistic Health Trainer, Public Speaker
"I've made more money in the last few weeks than I have all year"
Maximillian Dexter
Founder, Vibrant Guidance
"I travel the world and continue to evolve..."
When I started working with Joe, I realized that my life was constantly lived on other people’s agendas. I always had a mask on, in performance mode. I was never happy because everything I pursued was for someone else. Now I travel the world and continue to evolve for ME, not to please my Facebook highlight reel.
Austin Willman
President, Mantra Mind Management
"Income has nearly doubled..."
Since working with Joe the income of my Pilates studio has nearly doubled! I have more confidence than ever and I am having a stronger more positive influence in raising my son. I'm much more resourceful, and also feel closer to my husband because of our work together! Huge bonus!
Paula Stewart
Owner, Pilates with Paula
"Will no doubt make a difference in your life..."
When I read Joes transformation story I related to it right away and felt an instant connection. I had an incredible hour and a half coaching session with him. Joe is truly filled with passion and love and it shows in his work. His simple message of sharing your purpose virally can truly change our world. He is a new spiritual influence that will no doubt make a difference in your life.
Juan Rodriguez
Mindset Coach
"So much passion and enthusiasm..."
Joe is filled with so much passion and enthusiasm for helping people share their purpose with the world.
Anthony Tabanji
Business Coach
Co-Founder, Sprouted Ventures
"A great resource for getting "unstuck" and increasing confidence"
Joe has a giant heart and a commitment to serve that is palpable. Joe himself creates an uplifting environment where people feel open and vulnerable to share. His wisdom and insight from his own experience is compelling and shifts your perspective.

Most importantly, the feedback is framed within the bigger picture of what you want from your life. There are business consultants, there are spiritual guides and then there is Joe McVeen. Joe has a great eye for identifying what will help you live a more fulfilling life as well as have a more profitable business.
Nathan Swan
Public Speaking Coach
"More confident sharing my story on stage and on video"
Thank you Joe. You are such an inspiration. I want to thank you for getting me to open up and be more confident in myself when it comes to sharing my story on stage and on video to help other women living through abuse. I will forever be grateful for you were the first man to even get me to talk about it. We all have purposes in our lives that need to be shared with the world. This year, I'm going to make a difference in so many lives. Thanks again for being you.
Rachel LeBlanc
Public Speaker, Coach
"Tremendous insights into making a living doing what you love..."
Joe is INCREDIBLE at what he does and has tremendous insights into life, business, the human condition, and at making a living doing what you love.
Martha McCants
Empowerment Coach
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